Military & First Responder Discount

Keto Brainz offers a 15% discount to both Military (not limited to Active Duty) and First Responders when shopping with us on Onnit.com! You can receive your discount* at the payment section of checkout by verifying your eligibility with ID.me. 

*This discount cannot be combined with other promotional codes or sales. During site-wide sales, the military discount will be deactivated in order for the highest discount to apply to your purchase.

  • What happens when I verify my status?
    Once your credential is verified through ID.me from the Onnit.com checkout screen, your discount will immediately apply. You will not have to do this every time you checkout with us. Once you're verified, the discount will continue to apply to future purchases!


  • If I've previously been Military verified by Onnit, will I need to do this too?
    Nope! Your previous verification will still stand from Onnit and continue working on your account. You may want to check out ID.me still, as you can login to find discounts and offers with other organizations and retailers!


  • Is ID.me safe to use?
    Absolutely! Onnit decided to use ID.me so we could provide a secure verification process that put everyone's mind at ease, and also opened up the opportunity to provide a First Responder discount. ID.me meets the highest federal standards for online identity proofing and authentication and their CEO and Founder is a decorated Army Ranger who felt the need to provide an option that was easier and most importantly, secure. 


  • Can I get some more information about ID.me and verification?
    Sure! ID.me offers FAQs for each type of group.
    If you fall into the Military group, please check out your FAQs HERE
    If you fall into the First Responders group, please check out FAQs HERE